This is the most amazing club I have ever been to

Dancing on a high-tech and ultramodern outdoor rooftop space under a clear sky full with stars and an astonishing view on the skyline of Dubai. It's White Dubai. White Dubai: The best club White Dubai is for me personally one of the best clubs I have visited thus far. It's located [...]

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10 beautiful sunset photos

Do you like sunsets? I love them! There is nothing so relaxed as watching the sun going down. Sunset pics During all of my trips at the end of a beautiful sunny day I try to capture a sunset. Hereunder I have dropped 10 sunset shots. Which one is your [...]

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Help: what to do in Peru?

I need your help! Today I talked with a college about a thing that is for a long time on our bucket lists: visiting and backpacking through Peru. By accident we spoke about holidays when at a sudden moment my college told me his dream was to visit Peru. At [...]

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True hero! Let me tell you a little story and take you back to augustus 1993. I was 2 years old, almost 3. In Bosnia and Herzegovina the war was going on and my family had to flee. R.I.P. Ivan The man on this pic is Ivan. He [...]

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Highly recommended swimming place Čeveljuša

Have you ever had that feeling that when you saw a picture of a place, that you had to visit it. Well that's what happened to me some time ago when I saw a picture on the instagram page of Visit Herzegovina. This page is dedicated to bringing the most [...]

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